Training is so necessary for effective work, but can be difficult to find time for.

That's why we created an online and on-demand learning platform. If you have 4 hours of time to sit down in a class, and you can retain all of the information you hear, that's great. But for the rest of us, finding even a whole hour in the day to devote to something can be difficult and learning huge chunks of information at once means we tend to forget large portions of what we learned. Adaptavist Learn is designed to be used in the way that you best learn. You can use your entire morning or just that chunk of time you have between answering the last email and your next meeting.

Adaptavist Learn courses are composed of text, videos, and labs which mean that however you learn, you should have something that fits your needs. Courses are structured in chapters and each chapter can have multiple pages. So power through a whole course if you want, take it a chapter a day, or just a page at a time.

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