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Working with Jira and Confluence

Working with Jira and Confluence covers uses and integrations between Jira and Confluence instances and is intended for power users and mid-level administrators. After this course, you should be able to run Jira as a project administrator and Confluence as a Space administrator as well as know anything you need to understand in order to deal with issues, JQL, software boards, reports, and collaboration between the products.


Project Administration

This section includes a review of Jira and Confluence and covers the basics of project administration.


Creating and Managing Jira Issues

In this section, we talk about managing your Jira issues to help organize work and provide a solid base for reporting. You look at fields and issue linking, as well as some best practices for getting good data from Jira issues. We also talk about the advanced workflow features that you might want to use to manage your issues.


Advanced Jira Query Language

Here you review parts of JQL that are essential, as well as working with time. Beyond the basics, we look at complex JQL combinations by presenting a need/scenario and then walking through the JQL you could use to get the answers you want.


Working with Jira Software Boards

This part of the course focuses on Jira Software, discussing the use of boards and other features in Jira Software that you may find useful as a Jira power user. We begin with a review on Jira Software, boards, and agile methodology. Following that, we dive into advanced board configuration and how to manage issues using multiple boards.


Creating and Interpreting Jira Reports

Here we talk about a few ways you can gather information to create reports in Jira and Confluence. We look at some example reports and how to update your data in both Jira and Confluence, as well as how to use Confluence to build a report that can include Jira information and be exported. Finally, we also look at subscribing to issues, so you can see updates in another medium.


Confluence Space Administration

This part of the course begins our journey into the world of Confluence, where we take a look at space administrators. There is a brief review of spaces and the space administrator role, in this portion of the course, then we go over setting permissions in a Confluence space. Finally, we talk about setting up templates in your space and share some ideas on how to use them.


Collaborating with Confluence

This section covers the collaborative features available in Jira and Confluence. From @ mentions to adding Jira issues into a Confluence page, there are several ways you can connect the two tools to have your team work more collaboratively.

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This course has 7 chapters that can be completed in less than 4 hours.
Ideal for people who want to utilize Jira and Confluence together.
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