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Getting Started with ScriptRunner for Jira Server

Getting Started with ScriptRunner for Jira Server is for the Jira admin who doesn't know how to write Groovy code and wants to use ScriptRunner for Jira Server to automate and improve their Jira instance. The goal of this course is to break down the barrier-to-entry for ScriptRunner and help people see what it can do and how easy it is to use. There are extensive hands-on lab activities that go along with the course and help provide context and experience to all that ScriptRunner for Jira can do.


Introducing ScriptRunner for Jira Server

In addition to introducing this course, this chapter also introduces what ScriptRunner for Jira Server is and how you can use it. You will learn how to install and update SR4J, how to navigate around its various screens, and get an overview of the different functions of ScriptRunner.


JQL and Scripted Fields

First, we teach you about scripted JQL. Then we teach you about scripted fields. And last, we teach you how to combine the two so you can use scripted fields to perform calculations on your Jira data.


Built-In Scripts

Built-in scripts provide a wide range of powerful tools for Jira Administrators. This chapter teaches about some of the most commonly used built-in scripts, including escalation services.


Scripted Workflow Functions

This chapter dives into scripted conditions, validators, and post functions for your Jira workflows. Learn about the built-in scripts and how to modify simple code snippets to empower your workflows.



ScriptRunner Behaviours let you change how fields work and both and extend and automate what you can do with fields. This chapter takes you step-by-step through how to use behaviours to control and maintain your data in Jira.


Script Listeners

Script listeners let you extend Atlassian Jira's automation to reduce the repetitive, manual changes that often need to be made. This chapter will teach you how to use built-in script listeners with conditions to make sure you're making the right changes while reducing your workload.

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This course has 6 chapters that can be completed in 4 hours.
Ideal for a Jira administrator who wants to use ScriptRunner for Jira without writing code.
This course was updated April '18