Working with ScriptRunner for JIRA

Working with ScriptRunner for JIRA is the first of several ScriptRunner courses. It is geared toward the business user who has some JIRA admin experience and who wants to better understand the value ScriptRunner for JIRA provides and why they should buy or retain it. The goal of this course is to break down the barrier to entry for ScriptRunner and help people see what it can do and how easy it is to use. There are extensive hands-on Lab activities that go along with the course and help provide context and experience to all that ScriptRunner for JIRA can do. 

This course is broken into five modules:

Module 1: JQL and Scripted Fields

In many of the organizations we talk with, people are exporting from JIRA into Excel so they can create reports and perform calculations on data. Using ScriptRunner, we can do most, if not all, of this work natively in JIRA. In this module, you learn how to use Scripted JQL to enhance customer support, identify late issues, find bottlenecks, perform numeric calculations, and preview text attachment files.

Module 2: Escalation Services

The Escalation service brings items to your attention that you should be aware of but are not directly monitoring. In this module, we explain how to use ScriptRunner's Escalation services to bring attention to an issue that is blocking many other issues and is being blocked itself, or an issue that hasn’t been updated for an extended period of time, among other things.

Module 3: Workflow

Workflows in JIRA have several stock functions, including Post Functions, Conditions, and Validators. In this module, we talk about how to use scripted versions of those functions to customize the transitions and status requirements to your exact needs.

Module 4: Behaviours

Behaviours enable you to streamline issue creation and editing. In this module, we explain how to use ScriptRunner for JIRA to create a dynamic issue creation experience.

Module 5: Script Listeners and Emails

A Listener fires a script when an event happens in JIRA. In this module you learn how to interact with JIRA events by writing Scripted Listeners.

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