Working with JIRA and Confluence

Working with JIRA and Confluence covers the fundamentals of JIRA and Confluence and is geared toward those beginning their journeys through the Atlassian ecosystem and those who need a refresher on the basics of the two platforms and their convergence. After this course you should be able to navigate to different areas and tools within JIRA and Confluence and use core JIRA and Confluence functionality, including Search, Boards, and Dashboards.

This course is broken into five modules:

Module 1: Introduction to JIRA

This module gives you a high level overview of all of the JIRA tool. In this module, you learn the definition level information for projects, issues, search, filters, and roles, along with much more.

Module 2: JIRA Issue Creation and Workflows

Issue creation is central to using JIRA. In this module, we talk about fields, creating issues and linking them to other issues and we also explain the relationship between issues and their workflows.

Module 3: Searching JIRA and Working with Dashboards

JIRA has a powerful search function. In this module, we talk about both the basic and advanced searches. You will also learn about filters here and how to work with and customize your dashboard.

Module 4: Working with Boards

Boards in JIRA enable you to view and work on multiple issues from one spot. There are two main types of boards; Scrum and Kanban, and in this module we discuss both, as well as general board configuration.

Module 5: Working with Confluence

Confluence provides a space to create and organize content and information, as well as a way to collaboratively discuss and store work with your team. In this module, we go over everything you need to know to work effectively in Confluence, including Spaces, Pages, Permissions, and Macros. 

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