Introducing Confluence

Introducing Confluence is aimed at onboarding new Confluence users who need the fundamentals of how to use and understand Confluence. After completion, you will be able to navigate in Confluence and know the basics of permissions, how to create and edit a page, some of the most common macros in Confluence and how to use them, as well as how to collaborate in Confluence. 

This course is broken into five modules: 

Module 1: Introduction to Confluence

This module gives you the background of Confluence, how you log in and move through Confluence, and explains the general organization of Confluence instances. 

Module 2: Permissions in Confluence

This module covers some basics of permissions in Confluence to help you understand who can edit or view pages within different spaces.

Module 3: Page Creation and Editing

This module discusses how to create pages in Confluence, the editing toolbar, the More menu, and how pages are placed in a Space. 

Module 4: Working with Macros

This module focuses on Macros that can be used on your Pages, from importing content to special formatting of text, here you will learn the basics of macros that you need to get started.

Module 5: Collaborating in Confluence

This module touches on all the ways to communicate using confluence, from blogs to notifications to watching and liking pages.

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