About Adaptavist Learn

Adaptavist Learn (http://learn.adaptavist.com) is our online learning platform, designed to help enterprises train their teams at scale. By combining videos with focused demonstrations and visuals, crystal clear audio, text resources, and hands-on labs, Adaptavist Learn lets people go at their own pace and fit learning in-between meetings, deliverable work, and other demands. Members have access for a full year, and throughout the year we'll continue updating and expanding the content to make sure you always have a resource to help you get the most out of your Atlassian tools. You can also contact Adaptavist's Learning and Development Consultants with any questions you have related to the course content or how to apply what you're learning.

Focused and Concise

What makes Adaptavist Learn different? Our courses go beyond simply teaching the tools and extend to best practices. Adaptavist Learn doesn't just teach your team what the buttons do, but also when the different features should be used and why. We take a "use case" based approach, because teaching a subject within a relatable context aids in retention.

Good lectures are like poetry. We want our videos to use just the right words, but only the necessary ones. The point of the Atlassian tools is to make your job easier, not to become work for you, and we approach training the same way: it should give you what you need to work better, not take up your time with things you don't need to know. Through delivering thousands of hours of training and helping hundreds of thousands of customers with the Atlassian tools, we know what's relevant and helpful for you. 

Training for Beginner to Advanced

Atlassian's products have a lot to offer, and users of the applications range from end-users who just need to log in and read a page to system administrators who need to ensure the application performs well for everyone in the enterprise. Not everyone needs the same education, so Adaptavist Learn features three different levels of content to meet learners where they are. 

With some exceptions, courses that begin with the following words have a similar level of complexity.




Introducing These courses are for on-boarding people to a foundational set of information. 45 minutes to 2 hours
Working With These courses are for power users. They're not administrators, or in the case of the ScriptRunner courses they're not programmers, but they have moved beyond the basics. 3 to 5 hours
Mastering These courses are for advanced users and/or administrators. 6 to 8 hours

Flexible Pricing Model to Fit Your Team's Needs

Scaling to meet the needs of large enterprises is our primary motivator for Adaptavist Learn. You can think about purchasing access to Adaptavist Learn materials two different ways.

Join a Course

Access to an Adaptavist Learn course can be provided on a per user, per course basis. So if one person at your organization wants to buy access to an Introducing course, and two want access to a Working With course, that's no problem. If you have 1000 users, and you want to enroll them in both Introducing JIRA and Introducing Confluence, two separate courses, then that would actually be a total of 2000 seats.

With some exceptions, courses that begin with the following words have a similar cost.


Cost per person

Introducing $20
Working With $350
Mastering $750

Learn Everything

Alternatively, many organizations would prefer not to manage the overhead of hundreds or thousands of people who all have access to different learning materials. For larger enterprises, providing all of their employees with access to all of Adaptavist Learn makes more sense. With this approach, your organization would pay a set amount based on the number of expected users, and then everyone at your organization would have access to all Adaptavist Learn courses for the year. Even better, this wouldn't be limited to just the courses that were published at the time you signed up for Adaptavist Learn. When new courses are published, your teams would get access to those at no additional cost.

For large enterprises, Learn Everything scales in a way that reduces your education cost for teams. Our priority is helping your organization work better together, and Adaptavist Learn is priced to make it accessible no matter the size of your team.

Number of Courses


Cost per minimum of users

Cost per median of users

Cost per maximum of users

<499 $40,000 $4,000 $160 $80
500-2000 $80,000 $160 $64 $40
2001-3500 $120,000 $60 $44 $34
3501-5000 $150,000 $43 $35 $30
5001-7500 $190,000 $38 $30 $25
7501-10000 $220,000 $29 $25 $22
10000-15000 $310,000 $31 $25 $21
15001-20000 $390,000 $26 $22 $20
20000+ Contact us      

Volume Discounts

A simple pricing structure means less overhead for our customers, so discounts for Adaptavist Learn are straight-forward. These apply to both individual course purchases and Learn Everything.

Number of Courses


500-1000 5%
1001-5000 8%
5001-10000+ 12%

Multi-Year Discounts

If you have fully invested in the Atlassian suite and want to make sure your teams get the most value possible out of the tools, you may be interested in signing up for multiple years of training. We provide a small discount for multi-year commitments. You'll receive a 1% discount off your total for a 2 year contract, and a 2% discount for a 3 year contract. This is in addition to the volume discount based on user count.

Which Pricing Model is Best?

For individuals or smaller teams who need just one or two courses, joining those courses on a per-user basis makes sense. Over time, Adaptavist Learn's course catalog will continue to grow and cover a wider variety of topics. A digital marketing firm may not need training on Software Development with the Atlassian Suite, while a mobile application development team may not be interested in Portfolio and Project Management with the Atlassian Suite

Larger enterprises with cross-functional teams and multiple departments using the Atlassian tools will benefit from the Learn Everything approach. This pricing model will be more cost effective for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can we access the course content?

Access to all Adaptavist Learn materials are provided for one year from time of payment. Note that if your organization buys 500 seats on January 1, and 200 people don't sign up until March, those 200 people will still only have until January 1 of the next year to engage with the course material and get questions answered by Adaptavist.

Can I download the video or slides?

Because Adaptavist Learn is licensed on a per-user basis, materials cannot be downloaded or redistributed. They must be accessed by registering on and logging into Adaptavist Learn.

How do I get help?

Got a course suggestion or an idea for improvement? Need a trial license or have a problem? Contact us via our Support portal!